Crane Duty Motor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India

In the case of the crane, the boom is raised to allow the work to be done by raising or lowering the load. For the hoist, the boom is moved so that the load is positioned above the hoist. Crane and hoist use electricity to activate various parts of the machinery. Both machines can be powered by electric motors called a crane / hoist motor is a motor that controls the motion of a crane. It is the main component of any crane system. The motor powers the chain, which connects the hook with the boom and the load is raised or lowered. The direction of the motor’s rotation controls the direction of the boom. This is usually indicated on the motor’s casing.

This crane duty motor is perfect for heavy duty tasks like moving large or heavy objects. It features a powerful electric motor with plenty of torque to get the job done. They are used for industrial machinery, construction equipment, large vehicles and more. This electric crane motor is manufacture with heavy duty components and can handle the toughest jobs. Divine electric motor manufactures wide range of crane /hoist motors, these motors specially designed for crane applications.

Range of Production

Crane and hoist duty motors  0.50 HP to 15.00 HP (0.37 KW to 11.00 KW) Frame 71 to 160 in 2, 4 and  6 Pole.

Mounting Type

  • FOOT (B3)
  • FLANGE (B5)
  • FACE (B14)
  • FOOT/FACE (B34)


  • Short time duty (S2)
  • Intermittent Periodic duty (S3)
  • Intermittent duty with starting  (S4)
Crane Duty Motor

Voltage and Frequency

  • Volts : 415, 220, and 380 +5%
  • Hz : 50 and 60 Hz +3%

Motor with Internal Brake

Crane hoist duty motor can be supplied with integral electro magnetic AC or DC Fail safe brake

Winding Design

In crane duty motor torque play part so it need to special winding design for fulfill application demand. Motor winding design making high torque of pick up load smoothly. All motors are suitable for operations with direct on line starter (D.O.L) starters.


  • High efficient
  • Noise free
  • High performance
  • Durable
  • Smooth finishing
  • Cost effective
  • Precision design

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