Variable pole multi speed high slip three phase asynchronous motor is the newly developed product base on oilfield pumping technology.
It can combine with energy-saving control box to form a new type of energy saving pumping drive equipment that can be widely used with the pumping unit.


  • It can reduce more than 20% currency on power supply and line losses, especially in low speed operation, power saving rate can reach 30%.
  • It can increase the efficiency of oil pump, improve pumping ability and reduce energy cost of unit output.
High Slip Motor


  • It can improve the operation of pumping unit: The flexible mechanical performance can reduce the maximum load, raise the minimum load, reduce the elastic deformation of oil pumping rod and the torque of deceleration box, prolong the working life of pumping unit and reduce maintenance cost of pumping unit.
  • Through the electronic control box, can conveniently change the stator winding method to access two or three speed. The method of changing the pumping unit’s stroke through replacing pulley can improve working efficiency and reduce working intensity.
  • Electronic control box have protect function such as speed control, overload, overheating, short circuit etc.

H.P : 0.5 To 10 H.P
RPM : 1500, 960, 720
l. Class : B.E.F
Enclose : TESC
Protection : IP 54, IP 55
Construction : Accroding to IS 2223 B5
Shaft : S.S. 410
Perfomans : As per IS 325

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