Three Phase Brake Motor

We are manufacture exporter and supplier of Brake Motor. Basically Brake Motor is combination of Brake Motor

Brake Type

We are manufacture exporter and supplier of two types of Brake Motor

Fail Safe Brake  (When power off Shift lock)

Fail Safe Brake Motor in case of power supply off ensuring further  to a precise stop and quick breaking action, the security of sudden under  venations in case of an unintentional power supply failure (I.e. power supply black out equipment failure) The braking action is obtained without axial sliding of shift and provides equal braking torque in both direction of rotations. It is fail safe brake motor.

Normally off Type Brake (when power supply on shift lock)

Normally off type brake is totally different type of brake is compase of fail safe It works when supply on. It helps to stop machine when need to stop, like when need to machine or equipment in situation of emergency

Range of Production

Three Phase Brake Motor

0.50 HP to 20.0 HP (0.37 KW to 15 KW) Frame71 to 160 on 2,4,6.

Mounting Type

  • Foot (B3)
  • Flange (B5)
  • Felle (B14)
  • Foot/Flange (B3/B5)
  • Foot/Felle (B3/B14)


Brake Motor is supplied in a robust, rugged curt iron frame integal feet.  On request we can supply motor in aluminum body up to 90L frame


All brake motor supply with class F insulation as standard features. Also Supply H on request of customer


  • Continues Duty Brake Motor (S1)
  • Short time D Duty (S2)
  • Intermittent Periodic Duty (S3)
  • Intermittent duty with starting duty (S4)
  • Intermittent duty with starting & ele Braking (S5)

Voltage and Frequency

Three phase Brake Motor supply volts 415 +5% Hz +3% customer request we are also able supply motor in 220. 380, 460 Volts On Hz 50 or 60 Also.


We are supply motor with Ingress protection 44 as defined in  IS: 4691. Motors can be supplied with IP-54 and IP-55 on request.

Shaft & Rotor

Rotor is positive locking with Shaft key joint So that cannot move on high full lord  Torade Shafts are made by EN-8 or EN-9 material. Rotor are of high pressure E.C. grad aluminum die-Cust. Every Rotor is dynamically balanced. It makes motor low complitudes of vibration & noise.

Bearing & Lubrication

Bearing are adequately lubrication with lithium based high temp up to 150 deg. All the motor are supplied with C3 ball bearing & fully charged with lithium base grease at the time of assembly.

Thermal Overhead Protection

We can also supply motor with T.O.P. Switch on Demand of customer. It can Provide motor extra safety form over load Protection.

Terminal Box

Brake Motor supply with Terminal Box on top position for foot mounted (B3). Others position box like left or right supply on customer request.

Earthing Terminal

All brake Motor provided with minimum two earthing terminals. One in the terminal box and other at foot.


Brake Motor is especially suitable to used with lifting machinery, textile machinery, greased motor, Cable Reeling Drums, Rolling Mills, Machine Tool etc.


  • High Efficient
  • Noise Free
  • Vibrating Free
  • Low running cost
  • Durable
  • Smooth finishing
  • Cost Effective
  • Precision Design

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