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3 phase motors are a type of electric motor that operates based upon a three-phase electrical load, which is a common form of electric power transmission. 3 phase motors are often both more compact and less expensive than single-phase electric motors. Also offering higher efficiency as well as inherently higher starting torque than single phase motors, three-phase motors are an incredibly popular type of electrical motor.

Typically manufactured as alternating current (AC) motors, 3 phase motors may also (but much less commonly) be a type of direct current (DC) motor. As a result of both their many beneficial characteristics and diverse range of types, 3 phase motors can be utilized in a wide range of light to heavy-duty applications and industries including: residential, for use in household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and more; industrial manufacturing, for use in powering such equipment as pumps, fans, conveyor drives and blowers; automotive, in order to power vehicle electrical systems such as in cars, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks, vans and more; and petroleum, for the powering of oil and gas drilling equipment, pumps, tankers and more.

The operation of three-phase motors is dependent upon the 3-phase electrical load, but the purpose of the 3 phase motor is the same as all other electric motors: the conversion of electrical energy into usable mechanical energy. A simple, basic design, 3 phase electric motors feature the main components of a stator, a rotor and 3 coils, also referred to as windings. These coils must be arranged in such a fashion as to be 120º degrees apart.3 phase motors are activated by means of a power supply that transfer the desired current (AC or DC) to the stator. The stator does not move, instead the passing through of the current from the power source activates the stator and makes it act in much the same way as a field magnet. The rotor, also referred to as a wound armature, is the moving part of the motor. The three coils are attached to the rotor, which rotates and causes them to be rotates through the magnetic field produces by the stator. It is the rotation of the three coils through the magnetic field that results in the generation of mechanical power that is then sent out through three lines, or outputs, to the machinery, equipment or components requiring power.


We have wide production range of three phase motor 0.25 HP to 20.0 HP (0.18 KW to 15.0 KW). Frame 63 to 160 in 2,4,6,8, pole.

Mounting Type

  • Foot (B3)
  • Flange (B5)
  • Face (B14)
  • Foot with flange (B35)
  • Foot with face (B34)


  • Dimensions according to IS 1231 & IS 2223


All three phase motor are supplied in a robust, rugged cast iron frame with integral feet on request. We can supply motor in aluminum press cast body up to 100L Frame.


All three phase motors are continues (S1)  rated to comply with performance standards.

Voltage and Frequency

Standard Three Phase motor supply Volt 415+5% 3 Phase 50 Hz +3% . We are also capable for Mfg. Three phase motor in different Volt and Frequency like 220, 360, 480.


We are supply motor with Ingress protection 44 as defined in IS : 4691. Motor can be supplied with IP-54 and IP-55 on request.


All Rotor Motor are of High Pressure E.C. Grid Aluminum  die-cast. Every Rotor is dynamically balanced. It make motor low complitudies of vibration and noise.


Shalt made from high carbon steel to provide exceptional strength & rigidity to minimize deflections. Motor is positive looking with joint So that cannot move on high full lord Torque.

Bearing and lubrication

Bearing are adequate lubricated with Lithium based high temp up to 150 deg. All the motors are supplied with C3 ball bearing & fully charged with lithium based grease at the time of assembly.


Three phase motor supply with class B & F  insulation as standard features. Also supply it on request of customers.


Three phase standard motor supply with Enclosure T.E.F.C. (Total enclosed fan coiling )

Thermal Overload Protection

We can also supply motor with T.O.P. switch on Demand of Customer.  It can provide motor extra safety from overload protection.

Terminal Box

All three phase motor supply with Terminal box on top position for foot mounted (B3). Other position box like left or right supply on customer request.

Earthing Terminals

All three phase motor provided with minimum two earthing terminals. One in the terminals box and other on foot.


All three phase motor are painted with semi glassy Synthetic enamel (Auto) paint. However Sp paint is available on request.


  • High efficient
  • Durable
  • Smooth furnishing
  • Economical Price
  • Precision Design
  • Long Life

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